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Just read again your post and seen it’s a custom function. I did not set that by default because there are a lot of functions, it’s kind of laggy and annoying to have a popup each time you write something. Fix a issue that “max number of recent files” cannot be set to 0. Unless you make your own plugin with such feature, no, sorry.

  • Write articles, press releases, to-do lists, etc. together with your friends, fellow students or colleagues, all working on the same document at the same time.
  • Characters remain standard in width, but the height of the lowercase is maximized.
  • Sublime is available free to download for Mac OS, but you have to purchase licenses for continuous use and you can buy it just paying $80.
  • You’ll then review the JSON data, select the columns you’d like to bring to your Excel file, and finally load the data into an Excel spreadsheet.

From its first inclusion in Google Fonts, the clean font just looked techy and like it belonged in a terminal. Recommended by tons of programmers because of its inclusion of coding ligatures, Fira Code is good stuff. It’s developed by Mozilla, so you know that it has to be well-made and worth using. If you want to increase or decrease the font size in Notepad ++, then the easiest way of doing so is by modifying the Notepad ++ settings. DejaVu Sans Mono also follows this principle, but of course, it’s a monospaced font suitable for development. The readability and distinguished characters make it a good choice for programmers.

Read, Decode, Encode, Write JSON in PHP

Once the process is over, drag and drop the remaining tracks to a new playlist on Spotify. Please remember that this whole procedure might take a really long time for a huge playlist. Another factor that might contribute in the time taken to remove duplicates is your Internet connection’s speed. Alternative solution is to use the paid version of Toolbox Pro. It has a remove duplicates action along with a ton of other useful actions.

Although, you can install notepad++ on mac using WINE and it is completely free. Notepad++ is one of those editors that give you almost all the features that other premium editors provide. Additionally, it is simple to use and does not take all of your computer’s power. Notepad++ is an application that is well suited for almost all the tasks of a developer, for example, code editing, taking notes, code analysis, and many more. Unfortunately, it is not an IDE, so it cannot be used to compile the code.


The JSON programming language also includes some set of the list or it is surrounded with Square Brackets([]) and its name is “JSON Array”. In Tree mode you can view all the information of a JSON file in tree structure view. The JSON data is completely structured with parent node and its child nodes. You can expand a selected parent or a children node with Expand all option and similarly collapse the nodes with Collapse all option. With this option it becomes quite easy for you to view specific information, that a particular node contains.

Duplicate Number Problem Example

Well, I use it for much more than just writing plugins. One feature that I’ve come to love is the Regex search and replace. I don’t use it for plugins but for parsing one time large files without writing a php script it’s great. The one thing that has gone missing for some time is the Hex Editor which I wish someone would make. If you want to make this change only for one time and not in repeated/automated fashion, instead of using Notepad++, you may use Excel. As you already have data with tab delimiter, copy and paste text into Excel.

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